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Sara Restaurant, Toronto


Oval is combined with recycled materials and a neutral colour palette to create an intimate space for dining.

Sara is a new restaurant in Toronto’s Entertainment District that uses serene bodies of water as inspiration behind its interior design. The concept was to create a calming environment that encourages its guests to disconnect from technology, and reconnect with one another.

The Oval lamps are hung precisely as decorative flood lights that accentuate the double-height ceiling of the second floor. On the first floor, the warm light highlights the textured, cave-like surface made from plaster and locally-sourced recycled materials.

The furniture uses a combination of wood, velvet and leather to create a strict horizon line that expands across the two dining rooms. When switched off, the refined form of the bulbs discreetly blends into the background, adding interest to the negative space of the vaulted ceiling.

As featured on Dezeen. To read their full article, please click here.

Interior Design: Odami
Photography: Kurtis Chen
Location: Toronto, Canada
Products: Oval

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