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Quail Creek, Denver Colorado


A vast, custom-built residence at the foot of the Rocky Mountains provides wide open vistas inside and out.

Quail Creek Estates, a 4-lot custom-home neighbourhood at the base of the Rockies was entirely developed, engineered, designed, and executed by the Work Shop team, proving that the leap from a one-home, one-lot business model is not only possible, but progressive.

This idyllic location offered a unique landscape and expansive views that could bring the outside, in. This theme extended to the organic shapes and natural materials of Tala’s iconic Voronoi bulbs and Walnut Pendants, which enhance the space with dramatic, eye-catching light.

Interior Design: Work Shop Colorado
Building Design: Work Shop Colorado
Cabinetry & Steel Work: Work Shop – Wood & Iron
Location: Denver, Colorado
Products: Voronoi II, Vornoi III, Walnut Pendant,
Photography: SpaceKraft Media – Shawn Beltran