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Pophams Bakery, London


Five Oval in Graphite pendants decorate the counter of a contemporary bakery.

Pophams Bakery is an association of artisinal viennoiseries, now with three sites across London. The interior of their latest is an exercise in softened industrialism, which uses considered pops of colour to add warmth to the rough elements of the space.

The smooth silhouette of the Oval helps accentuate the various contrasting details, such as the rounded edges of the furniture against the unyielding grey concrete of the ceiling. The glow emitted acts as a flood light that illuminates the open plan kitchen, allowing guests to admire the craftsmanship of the baking process as they dine.

Interior Design: Lucy McWhirter
Photography: Sam Harris
Location: London, UK
Products: Oval, Graphite pendant

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