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Henrietta Street, London

White Red Architects

A striking office refurbishment in the heart of London’s historic Covent Garden

Taking inspiration from the nearby London Transport Museum, White Red Architects’ aim was to give some personality back to this historic building.

Designing the shared reception as the centre of the scheme created a space with strong character that would connect it positively with the people who work there.

Colours and shapes were the key components to injecting personality into the project. Racing Green carries throughout, in everything from paint and tiles to acoustic panels, while after years of neglect and pollution, the brickwork has been repointed and the metalwork repainted to bring the facade back to life.

Tala’s Porcelain III bulbs and Graphite pendants create an eye-catching focal point, while providing functional light for the day-to-day requirements of the workplace.

Architect: White Red Architects
Location: Covent Garden, London
Products: Porcelain IIIGraphite Pendant
Photography: Freddie Marriage