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Healthy Home, London

Grand Designs

The world’s largest sculptural bulb illuminates Britain’s first hypoallergenic home.

Two parents embark on a journey to build a home with wellbeing and sustainability at its core, to combat the debilitating allergies that their children suffer from. Tala’s Voronoi III Brass Ceiling Light becomes the centrepiece of the main living area, that unites the various contrasting elements of the striking contemporary interior.

As seen on Grand Designs, the UK’s leading TV programme dedicated to modern architecture and design in Britain, the project was titled the ‘Healthy Home’ due to the owner’s commitment to procuring products and materials with the highest eco-credentials possible.

The Voronoi range is ‘beautiful, energy efficient and profound’ Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs

Interior Design: Oasis Construction London
Lighting Design: Belisama Lighting
Building Design: Enhabit Ltd
Landscape Design: E H Associates
Location: London, UK
Products: Voronoi III Brass Ceiling Light

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