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Farmhouse Conversion, Heidelberg

Private Residence

A traditional farmhouse on the outskirts of Heidelberg gets a modern conversion by a couple wanting to move out of the city and settle for a slower pace of life.

The couple wanted an interior that was elegant but understated, and reflected their country lifestyle that includes gardening and hiking through the nearby wooded hills.

The full Voronoi range of I, II and III lights in Brass pendants have been combined in a cascading cluster in the central stairwell of the house, which illuminate and compliment the organic structure of the charming interior.

Interior Design: Jannet Butzinger Innenarchitektur, Helma Interiors
Location: Heidelberg, Germany
Products: Voronoi I, Voronoi II, Voronoi III, Brass pendant
Photography: Thomas Hoerenzrieber

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