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El Stories, Athens


15 Voronoi III in Brass pendants illuminate a showroom inspired by children’s fairy tales.

El Stories is an Aladdin’s cave of charming products designed to decorate the special occasions in our lives. The multi-functional showroom and design studio specialises in weddings, birthdays and baptisms, and uses Greek flora as the theme that informs the interior design.

Our Voronoi III and Brass pendants are used to create a dazzling installation, amplified by the distressed mirror strategically placed on the ceiling. Dispersed between their undulating forms are leaves made from copper and bronze, that aid the mirror in reflecting the brilliant rays of light in captivating ways.

Reclaimed furniture and vintage toys are displayed across the showroom, adding to the enchantment by contrasting the old with the new. The story ends as guests exit the space, no longer spellbound by the golden canopy above them.

Interior Design: Eleftherios Ambatzis
Photography: George Fakaros
Location: Nea Erythraia, Athens, Greece
Products: Voronoi III, Brass pendant

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