Light Engine

Light Engine is a range of high-performance, functional light sources designed to improve upon the characteristics that halogen is revered for.


Consisting of three new lamps producing 1000lm, 2000lm & 3000lm, Tala’s first ‘Dim to Warm’ range dim from 2700K to 2200K while maintaining a CRI of 95 and less than 5% flicker.

"We studied the 300 most revered lighting fixtures from the last half century and designed the three Light Engines to not only offer a solution for any sized fixture, but also match the intended illumination. We have focused on 2200-2700K to maintain CRI, minimize Duv and provide a true blackbody response."

Bertie Pleass, Engineering Director at Tala

Dim to Warm

Dim to Warm is the effect of the light output warming up in colour temperature as the lamp is dimmed from 100% to 0% output.


In other words, as you dim your light fixture down from maximum to minimum power, the light gradually becomes warmer, creating a beautiful ambience with a smooth dimming effect.