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At Tala, we make lights to help you sleep and live better. From mood making table lamps to dimmable and decorative ceiling lights, turn yourself on to ambient warm lighting for when it’s time to switch off.

For the light sleepers

Getting too much blue light can seriously impact your sleep. A good balance of natural daylight and warm artificial light in the evening will help your body prepare for sleep.

Melatonin, the sleep hormone, begins to secrete at around 9pm, so dimming your lights to a low colour temperature (2000-2200 kelvin) in the evening will help this process.


For the mood makers

Set the tone for your evening with low level lighting and dim down to a warm colour temperature.

All of our Table Lamps come complete with either an integrated or in-line dimmer, helping you to control the mood.


Switch off with good light

Set the Mood

Dimming allows you to control the mood of the room - whether waking up or settling down to sleep

Comfort Zone

Low level lighting and warm colour temperatures help to create a cozy and comforting environment

Style and Substance

Decorative lighting helps you achieve an aesthetically pleasing bedroom, enhancing your enjoyment of the space

Can't sleep? This is what not to do

Sleep problems are very common with one in three people experiencing sleep disturbance at some point in their life. Often the things people do to try to help them sleep actually do the opposite so here’s what not to do.


Find your style

From traditional table lamps to hanging pendants, our customers’ creative lighting displays showcase the variety of ways you can illuminate your space.